Arusha, Tanzania 

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Look up and you’ll find a beautiful view, of an intricately designed ceiling in St. Mary’s Church in Kraków, Poland.

Photograph by Qiu Tianshu, National Geographic Your Shot


Portraits taken in the Omo River Valley, Ethiopia.  

The Lower Valley of the Omo is unlike any other place on Earth in that so many different types of people have inhabited such a small area of land over many millennia. It is believed that it was the crossroads of a wide assortment of cultures where early humans of many different ethnicities passed as they migrated to and from lands in every direction.

Twin Falls, Yoho National Park ➾ Jayme Gordon


Schloss Charlottenburg, Berlin, Germany


Aurora At Redoubt Lake (Canada) by Geoff Costigan || tumblr


I enjoyed my time in Guadalajara this week, but of all of the photos that I took, my favorite was of these children sprinting through a torrential downpour.


Doesn’t look like a ton of stairs until you climb them all.

Piazza di Spagna, Rome